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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! they are going to go out of business. and he's nuts! nuts. they know nothing. i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it.
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hey, i'm kramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. it's my job, entertain, educate. call me, 800-743-cnbc. everybody's buzzing about the peak of that nasdaq ten years ago. the anniversary of the horrible dot-bomb collapse. and how brutal that selloff from the 5000 level was. a slide that only took us to 11,008 >> the house of pain. >> before we bottomed. a decline of 4,024 point that we're still trying to recover from and we remain 2,764 points below the high point even after this rally when we closed 2368. now, that the anniversary of the tech pop is almost upon us, we're once again in a place where the market just won't quit.
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but the dow moving up again today, i mean, no different, right? this time it added 45 points. s&p advanced 24%, the highest since october 2nd of 2008. just as disturbing to the skeptics, speculation seems to be running rampant. the stitch seems kind of similar, and we have to ask whether now is the time to sell. like it was time to sell tech back in march of 2000. and as someone who nailed that top, almost to the day! ♪ hallelujah who told people to -- >> sell, sell, sell! >> -- the nasdaq and move into buy, something i was doing in my hedge fund at the time, right after riding the rally up to the teeth of the peak, i'm just the guy arrogant enough to think he has the answer to that question. we have had some remarkable runs of some nasdaq stocks lately, no denying it, but no one's really drawing the parallels. you could certainly, a-5, the
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speedsters up, and akamai, and jdsu, up, and apple, 164%. so, i think we have to ask about the similarities to the tech top we ran into ten years ago. now, nobody likes to come in on a gallop like this and chase it. just like ten years ago, we have had huge gains, and i do think it would be irresponsible not to take something off the table. the old days at the hedge fund we would say let's schnitzel a little, schnitzel meaning let's cut back a little. congress appears to be in meltdown mode desperately trying to pass anything just to say they passed something. if you are a bull, well, you've got to hope it's not health care. we also seem to be stalled under the key dow 10,725 level. remember, row, row, row your boat the other day and if we get there, there's no assurance that we will rally through it,
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because we will be so overextended at that point. i think it's very risky to buy at these prices. i think that rinking t inringin register is a sound strategy as at this moment you have to protect what you've made, protect your profits. compared to where we were ten years ago, i know that as late of february of 2000 i was still cheerleading and despite the heat i got because i was, i still got another 1,000 nasdaq points before i exited. think about it. can you imagine catching that move now? it was 1 in a million time. the rally we're in, i snow it sounds strange, is much more subdued than that one, even as there is undeniably a lot of speculation in small stocks, not just in tech but in smaller banks. citigroup, that said, you know, we encourage speculation. our number one spec pick, huntington bank shares is now up 30% and we reiterated it 40 times. and those of little faith were bailing, that's a gain of 45%. how about clean energy fuel,
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that natural gas fueling station chain that we've had the ceo on, like, what, every other 15 minutes? it's another speculative favorite. it was up $3 today. given you 137% gain from when we recommended it on august 11th of 2009. natural gas fueling station, $9.46, quite a move. however, there is a difference between speculation done well and the kind of mindless speculation that we saw when the nasdaq peaked ten years ago. back then the tech rally was bassed on crazy things. you needed an optometrist to figure it out. it was based on pages and eye balls. but today's tech's rally has three separate, entirely distinct large themes powering it. and the strength of those themes layered on top of an industrial recovery could mean that a lot of tech stocks that are expensive now, nasdaq expensive now, might turn out to be cheaper as long as the trends keep up. now, i'm not ever going to defend expensive funds, but i am
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saying the earnings estimates are -- are -- they're aggressive. but not as long as the themes play out. and that was something that certainly didn't come true ten years ago. all right. so, what are the themes that make be believe that tech is for real? the first theme -- and i don't give it enough credit, but i'm going to start doing, starting now, is the faster internet theme. that's not the faster cell phone, faster internet. that's the move a-5 and akamai and jdsu that test the internet are caught up. they will make the web faster which means it can allow more data. allowing youtube to load much more quickly. cisco which i own in my charitable trust is part and parcel of this trend, but it's not growing as a weed. jdsu, i like it. god bless you, someone on the set just sneezed. my mother always told me to be polite no matter what you are doing, so that's a good example. the second theme is cloud
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computing basically using the web to share and store all kinds of data and applications that have traditionally been kept on the hard drives of networks. the incredibly cheap method of data storage has captured the fancy of the big corporations, known as the enterprise in wall street speak. here talking about, he delivered for us, ibm is starting to roll, and vm ware and oracle can, thanks to the good acquisition of sun micro, it's huge. many companies claim that there are the cloud plays, there really aren't that many, so this one has a long way to go. and finally there is the mobile internet tsunami, aka, the smartphone revolution, we talk about it all the time. there are players galore, but let's say apple and research in motion and the companies that make the phones, including vanguard, including one that you'll hear later on on the
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show. a tease. the stocks are overextended. they are tempting to sell instead of buy. i know if you look through the prism of 2000 at these stocks, then you will have nothing but scorn for all three sectors of the so-called trends, because they are the same as the original internet explosion in terms of their self-justification, but not self-delusion, okay? these themes have strength, fundamental strengths, and they are still in their infancy, i know. i know the same arguments prevailed in 2000. let me give you one big difference, unlike in 2000 when we were at nasdaq 5000, they all had earnings. they that is a pretty big contrast. they don't levitate if they don't have earnings. this is important from someone who used be a hedge fund manager, wall street isn't printing new tech stocks each week. there's a bizarre scarcity of these plays. and there's not a lot of underwritings coming. here's the bottom line, yes, the
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market is overextended. yes, profit taking makes sense. but even the rallies in the technology stocks are very different from how the tech rally looked right before it imploded ten years ago. so, look, play it safe. you know that. i always talk about playing it safe when the market's had a big run, and when it's down a lot, i talk about getting in. but don't be so skeptical that you write off very big, very real trends that i still think even from these levels could make you a lot of money. i think we should start with the roll crimson. i think we should start with rex in alabama, rex? >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah rex, sweet-home rex. >> caller: my question is about apple. i heard the stock typically tends to dive after a new product release, and i was wondering how i should play to it protect my profits. should i sell before the release and buy back later on or should i buy puts? >> i don't want you to buy poutve puttpout puts because i like the story too much. this is important, as it goes
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higher, you should expect the day before the product release, now you're starting to talk about the first week in april, you sell half your position. then when everyone gets a look at it and it sells off, it will probably sell off 10 points, maybe even 15. you slowly reaccumulate the other half. don't be aggressive because that would be piggish. let's go to larry in florida. larry? >> caller: booyah, mr. jim cramer. >> booyah, sunshine. >> caller: i've been a fan of yours since your days with larry kudlow. and i've enjoyed every minute of it. i've read your books, and you've made me a better investor. >> you are terrific for saying that. i like to think that when my time with larry was a great understanding. i learned a lot about the economy with larry, and know i own the stock market side. in other words, i learned them both. larry taught me a tremendous amount and he does a great job every single night here. >> caller: jim, i was impressed with your r ysis of osi systems.
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i listened to the ceo and was impressed by him. i've tried to do my home work on some of the competitors. the information's not too available. i do know that at least 175 scanners have been sold, i think, to various airports. >> uh-huh. >> caller: in the last six weeks, but i can't find out who's selling those scanners. could you help me? >> i don't know the answer to that. i don't know. i mean, i know that -- i know that elfry sells a lot of scanners. i know american science and engineering, those are the scanning departments that we like, osi, that's been a winner. those are my best guess?s and that's who we think are the scanner companies. american science and eng, l-3, that's not level 3, l-3 and, of course, the one you mentioned
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osi. let's go to ron in michigan. ron? >> caller: hi, jim. i'm calling with a struggling michigan wolverine boohoo booyah. >> well, there's always hope. the new athletic director that ran pizza hut, we think he can turn the program around. he could turn the program around. dominos, not pizza hut. it's wow. i want to apologize to the people that work at dominos, because they should never be linked with pizza hut. >> caller: i'm sorry, i'm playing china's growth to the index fund, but lately i've been hearing that india's growth is good or better than china's. is there a way to play india's growth through an index fund. >> i don't like to use an index fund when it comes to picking stocks. that's not my thing. i think a lot of them are pumped up and i really want to pick the best india. now, by the way, if you want to know the truth about who is doing the best in india. i like walter. i talked about that yesterday. walter energy.
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they have a huge india business on the cusp and i like that and some of the big natural gas drillers, too. coming up, mobile monster? well, people text and take the internet everywhere they go, kramer's going one-on-one with rf microdevices ceo to try to connect profits to your portfolio. and later, last call? one beverage stock might look top shelf but the devil's in the details. and kramer's sentencing this unlucky company to the cellblock. all co sell block. all coming up on "mad money." miss out on some "mad money," get your "mad money" text alert today, text "mm" to 26221 to get kramer right on your phone. for more info, visit or give us a call at 800-743-cnbc.
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this is supposed to be a bad time of the year to invest in tech stocks. people tend to sell and wait until the summer before moving back to the tech, usually in
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september. but the mobile tsunami is washing away all that history. company after company is tied into the smartphone revolution, it delivers better-than-expected numbers. and tech stocks, which have been ignored, are at last getting the momentum they deserve. first it was triquint, a semicompany that makes smartphones. how about sky works, that did it, too and qualcomm came out last week after really disappointing earlier, a terrible stock that i own for my charitable trust. and this monday we heard from r fcf micro, which gives us a nifty guide, wow, predicting stronger-than-anticipated numbers. they expect $240 million to $245 million, a 40% increase from last year, that is huge. we've like rfmd since june of last year when we spoke last with the ceo when we recommended the stock at $3.50, a 30% gain.
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they make components for what's known as the front end of wireless devices and the part of the phone where radio signals are sent, received, and converted into signals that can travel in the phone, it makes power amplifiers and filters the block-out, that filters block-out, undesired frequencies, okay? the company is a major beneficiary from the switch from old-fashioned dumb cell phones to smartphones, because the typical 3g smartphone needs $5 to $6 of radio frequency components to boost the signal. still rfmd has been one of the dogs of our mobile internet index, with the stock which is flat for the year and that's underperformed other smartphone component makers. i think that could be about to change with this positive preannouncement and to talk about broad strength in its business especially in ceo and china, higher-than-expected customer demand and market share gain. look, investors have been worried because rfmd islutioning
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its market share to nokia where it is expected to slide. we asked if this will be a big problem going forward or if rfmd can get it away from nokia. let's talk to bob bruggeworth, he's the ceo of rf micro devices to learn more about the business and to learn the power toward the smarter and smarter trends. mr. bruggeworth, thank you for being on "mad money." >> thank you for having me on. >> thank you for coming on. if you were able to isolate two items why you were able to do sharply better than expected preannouncement, what drove the really good news for you guys? >> i think you hit it right on the head. clearly the mobile internet is alive and well. our 3g business for smartphones is going to be up in the quarter about 80% year over year. >> amazing. >> that's one thing. and it's definitely with our new product portfolio that is taking
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the market by storm. >> now, one of the things that i liked when i listened to your raymond james institutional conference call march 9th is you've got special proprietary technology, it caught my eye, gallium nitride, is that something -- i'm probably mispronouncing it. is that something that only you have, and tell people what it does. >> we have gallium nitride and it's a green technology, during the conference we talked about the performance it has for cable tv and broadband applications as well, it can run 20% more efficient than traditional silicon technologies, it's also being used in the aerospace and defense industries and we're seeing sales back into the base station which is more efficient for running the same kind of power. >> this is important, because a lot of times your stock has been hurt in the past because they think they are big commodity players and you can switch in and out. it seemed like a breakthrough
6:21 pm
technology that made it seem like you are no longer a commodity in the game. >> that's correct, jim. we are no longer a commodity in the game, but that plays into our cellular products along with the gallium nitride which you talked about which is not for handsets. you can differentiate, if you look at the financials what's driven our top line and bottom line, our team at rfmd, has executed extremely well to drive new products to drive the growth which are not commodity products. >> can you use the korea and chinese business, chinese business being on fire, to offset the worries about nokia relying less upon you? >> yes. thanks for pointing that out, jim. we've worked hard over the last -- since we spoke in june, over the last several quarters to continue to diversify our business and that's what we've set out to do, and if you look at the growth that we experienced in december compared to our peers coupled with the data that we provided at the beginning of the week we are taking share and ziversefying
6:22 pm
our business as you pointed out into china with hundreds of customers in china, we are driving that coupled with what you talked about in korea and driving that business as well. >> you are talking about 27 million units this quarter to china? actually, we'll ship a lot more than that in units to china this quarter. >> wow, that's amazing. that's amazing. now, another thing that impressed me, i had not thought of you, i now have to, as a smart grid play. i am too rooted in the cell phone technology. tell people what your role is in the smart grid. because this is something we're hearing more and more about. >> yes. our role in the smart grid, number one, has continued to grow. we are about to double that business in fy-10 which ends in march versus '09. where we play in that is a once again in amplification space and coupled with even the cellular space. great growth opportunities and nice growth margins and nice dollar contents. >> it's just terrific. i think the doubters have been sigh lensed by the
6:23 pm
preannouncement and we've made a lot of money since we've had you and i think we'll keep doing so. mr. bruggeworth, thank you very much for coming on "mad money." >> jim, thanks for having me. >> guys, this is remaining one of the cheapest of the group, that's bob brewiuggeworth, the of rfmd. still got a lot of room to run, stay with scrapekramer. and kramer is sentencing this unlucky company to the sell block. and later try to keep up with kramer as he takes your calls "rapid fire" in an all-new "lightning round."
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listen up, you want to be a good investor you got to learn
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to look past the surface, you got to big down, you got to burrow, okay? you got to do the research, you got to learn what's really happening in a company, not just what the headlines say. that's my takeaway from the alleged upside surprise at brown forman yesterday. you may not even know the name brown forman, but you would probably recognize its brands, jack daniels, southern comfort, a better movie than drink, finlandia. and it's my tequila of choice when i am not drinking pedron, jose cuervo. they delivered a ten cents earnings beat with the earnings per share coming in at 80 cents. it seemed exciting, right? because the street was looking for just 70 cents. that was the headline number. but in tonight's -- >> sell, sell, sell! >> -- block, i'm going to explain how misleading that figure can be sometimes. and why i would be a --
6:28 pm
>> sell, sell, sell! >> -- seller of brown-form brow. a ten cent beat, that makes you think that they must be guzzling jack daniels and southern comfort. the promotional was more bullish. brown forman increased earnings per share 8% for the first nine months of fiscal 2010. hey, superimpressive, especially when you consider that deaggio which has a similar portfolio, smirnoff, and bailey's and captain morgan disappointed back on february 11th. what's really going on here? do people just like brown-foreman's brands better, or is there less to this beat than meets the eye? let's see what happens when you take off the whiskey-colored glasses and look at the details
6:29 pm
underneath. see, it turns out that brown forman's premiums are getting pounded on price by lower-priced, trade-down liquors, the stuff that comes in a plastic bottle, the stuff that nolte drinks in "the wire." 80% of their earnings came from inventory shifts not genuine sales. another seven corrects came from currency translations. hey, that's 15 or 16 cents altogether bigger than the beat the company reported. in the headline of its press release, brown-forman highlights the 10% operating income, 8% earnings share growth for the first nine months of the physical yeafi fiscal year, talk about a red flag, signaling something amis. what about the results for the quarter? that's what we care about, and brown-forman's earnings per share declined 10%. for the quarter. operating income down 2%.
6:30 pm
sorry! this was a bogus-style, evacuate the stock, this beat is killing me quarter! even worse, the pricing pressure. the pricing pressure the company's understand. for the quarter brown-forman reported underlying sales were up 2%, but it told us the depleti depletions, which means all shipments direct from retailers or from distributors to wholesalers were up 4%. if they were moving 4% more liquor and sales were up 2%, it means prices must have been down 2%. third quarter in a row of price decline, makes me worry, makes me nervous, that the company is nowhere near able to regain the pricing power that the slowdown has eroded even as the unemployment has peaked and to me the economy has recovered. even jack daniels, which is doing relatively well, saw a 5% decline in price realization for the first nine months of 2010 fiscal year, as with sales up 7%
6:31 pm
failing to keep pace with the depletion index up 12% on the conference call. management emphasized international growth for its premiums whiskeys which saw international depleepss grow over 50% and over 20% respectively. but wait a second, those gains are also a little bit illusionary because they are a small base and overall the rest of the portfolio outside the u.s. saw depletions decline 3% for the quarter. 3% fewer shipments for retailers. international's really not a bright spot at all. it's more like the dirty linoliium floor on which i'll be sipping the cheap whiskey later this evening. to me the biggest red flag came on the conference call when paul varga, the ceo, spent almost a quarter of his time speabout th company's history. he went into a soliloquy over the great results over the last decade.
6:32 pm
to drink or not to drink, that's not the question! at least not on the conference call. and when the ceo waxes rap sodically about past performances, you have to remember about the investing lumina luminaries, the spice girls who tell us, if you want to be my future, forget my past, brown-forman. they are in a classic battle of the investing titans of which not since -- not since "mad max" in thunder dom have been seeing this. on one side is the spice girls and on the they are side is tesha, why, because she spells her name with a dollar sign. ♪ brush my teeth with a bottle of jack because when i leave for the night i ain't coming back ♪ here's a woman who brushes her teeth with a bottle of jack which no doubt alludes to jack daniels. of course, that's only when she's not kicking guys like me to the curb.
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is she right? i say we do the blind whiskey toothbrush taste test. all right. here we go. are you ready? let's see -- just first. she's -- tesha wasn't drinking that. maybe. definitely not. tesha, this could have been tesha's. bi bingo! oh, man, let me see. did i pick the right one? it was this. tesha doesn't know what she's talking about. i was always afraid of that, ticktock. anyway just as a programming note, please note that no animal nor whiskey has been harmed in the filming of this segment and i actually brushed my teeth in a curious mixture of tea and apple juice to fool the viewers and
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beat the censors. it could be a flash in the pan! the spice girls are time tested. like it or not. we live in a "what have you done for me lately" world and more importantly, "what are you about to do for me lately" world. and theages may be here -- nothing. what about brown-forman say about the conference call? the company noticed weakness in the bars and restaurant and talked about, and i quote, very competitive pricing environment. while they have grown earnings 8% the first nine months of the fiscal year, they imply the underlying operating income will decline in the fiscal fourth quarter. we also know that brown-forman has a number of contracts expiring at the end of april and will not be in a good position, not in aed by bargaining position given the weak pricing. one more worry, the taxes have to come up in the u.s. and don't you think alcohol, even this brand, don't you think this is an obvious taxation target for
6:35 pm
the bolsheviks, oh, i'm sorry, the democrats. brown-forman is up 9% from a year ago. i think you should sell it. this stock is not at all cheap. 17 times 2001 earnings. here's the bottom line, when it comes to liquor, people are not returning to the midshelf and the top-shelf brands like they do at the end of the recession. they are sticking with value, like bullvedere. feel lucky, it didn't even go down much in the quarter. a terrific price to exit, one worth having a jack daniels on on me. let's go to herman in texas. herman? >> caller: booyah who dat from stonel san antonio, texas. >> i love san antonio. >> caller: i have a small position in altria, and it's paying about a 5% or 6% dividend. i want to increase my position, what's your take? >> i am completely and utterly
6:36 pm
in agreement. you just got the nifty dividend. i think altria has great growth versus the other guys and they did the smokeless tobacco acquisition which is brilliant, what's why i own id for, and it's a continued winner for me and i think it will continue to win. let's go to marvin in moved. marvin? >> caller: booyah. >> booyah, chief. >> caller: my question is do you think there's a discrepancy between the strong retail sales numbers coming in and the lagging consumer confidence numbers can be explained in part by more and more people if they quit paying on their mortgages and use the money as discretionary income actually boost the short-term sales but they know in the future it will catch up with them when they have to pay rent or -- >> it's a brilliant question. my friend, michael zimmblos, has been saying that the reason people have more discretionary money is because they aren't paying their mortgage. but rich people are spending, they can overwhelm the whole
6:37 pm
figures. they do not make up a important cohort in the consumer confidence numbers but they can overwhelm the not as rich when it comes to spending and that's what's happening. on the other end, the dollar stores are very hot, t. jchj. m is very hot. let's go to sunshine and let's go to nancy in florida. nancy? >> caller: booyah, stormy, windy, gulf coast booyah, jim. >> a sort of okay booyah. >> caller: we are having bad weather here. >> you are in the grapefruit league, i hope a critical rain-out isn't coming. >> caller: listen, i'm a value investor and i called you a few weeks ago about campbell's soup. you were not enthusiastic at the time. >> nope. >> caller: the stock hit $34 today would you think it is mm-mmm good for stability and growth? >> it's funny, last night i had some different -- some really delicious wolfgang puck soup that i made, the lentil soup,
6:38 pm
vegetarian, it was filled with sodium, though, that's just a little programming note. no, i'm still not buying campbell's, why not? i like growth and it doesn't have growth. as long as it doesn't have growth, i'd rather be in general mills. pay attention, i did a blind taste test, i tonigdon't think should drown yourself in whiskey. i think you should sell, sell, sell, even though icon tesha said it's a wrong move. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, stay tuned as we crank up the volume. kramer goes all out as the calls keep coming in. try to keep up in on the high-impact "lightning round." welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! they're nuts! they know nothing! welcome to the sovereign state of cramerica. "mad money" is turning 5. >> and we want to celebrate with the most loyal fans in
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cramerica! >> if you want to join kramer in studio a-8 in the heart of new york city at 30 rockefeller plaza and be part of our studio audience go to to st. cloud, minnesota. ask me what a cloud feels like...
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it's time for the "lightning round" on kramer's "mad money." i want to start with peter in california. peter? >> caller: booyah. >> booyah, peter. >> caller: i'm looking at ez corp. >> interesting name, we once talked about it and i don't understand why it's not hotter than it is. it's a pawn shop play. i've like the pawn shop and cashing checks plays, why? because when people are hurting they go pawn shopping. and i got to reiterate it -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> -- it is not expensive. can i go to shawn in new york? shawn? >> booyah-kashaw! >> booyah. >> caller: what's going on, buddy? >> i'm zdazed that georgetown upset seyracuse. go ahead. >> caller: amal, amylin
6:44 pm
pharmaceuticals, will they tank? >> i don't know if it's worth it for the extra. i know that mr. najarian was talking about it with the "fast money" in the midday, don't buy, biotech has been hot. bob pisani featured it. i'm getting nervous, and i don't like to buy it after a big run. can i go to peter in florida, peter >> caller: a big booyah from coker city, florida. >> hit me. >> caller: 80 million from last quarter on a 12% p/e. >> i thought a 26, stay away for a while, 26 you should buy it. it's up six points. >> don't buy, don't buy. >> alternative energy and fuel, i like it, i like natural gas. my sister tells me not to speak about it anymore, but i told her today, i slapped her down. i said, we're making money, forget about it.
6:45 pm
whenever we can make money, go away, nan, i told her to put on old dvds. tony in massachusetts, tony? >> caller: hey, jim, congratulations on five years. >> thank you very much, tony. >> caller: ford has had a great run, is it still a buy? >> you bet. i was surprised that toyota had strong sales, i'm hearing now, get this, my sources indicating that gm is ramping up production. do you know what it means for fords, fords are reeling at ford, i want to buy ford right here and right now, anytime of the week. can i zoe go go to enzo in new york what's up? >> caller: how are you, buddy? >> not bad, champ, how are you? >> caller: doing great. my hometown is bloomfield, new jersey, not far from you guys. >> very close. very close. i go by it every day at home. >> caller: great. i'm following natural gas up here. we got one of the biggest
6:46 pm
reserves underneath our feet here. >> you bet, i wish they would let it open. natural gas causes earthquakes they are saying. i'm waiting for the ten plagues to be affiliated with natural gas drilling. >> caller: global warming, global warming. i've been following devin, symbol is dvn. >> i know it's so well that i'm being told by people i talk about it too much. if i make a little money, go ahead and hit me with another. >> caller: you're doing a great thing for people out here. how is the andxto? >> we're done, we're ringing the register. we're trying to find the next xto. don't make that move. to th no, no, no and that buzzer is systematically ig norped right now. i'd like to go to peter in virginia. peter? >> caller: booyah, jim. >> how are you doing? >> caller: good, good. >> what do you got? how about a stock? >> caller: i'm calling about
6:47 pm
a123. i've been buying into it. >> why? you know i don't enforce it. besides that it's been a dog, i admit that, that's the lithium plays and the "new york times" wrote about it. that's the only battery play i'm using in terms of, like, these alternative batteries. you know i don't like the battery play in terms of what obama wants because we still have to plug in the cars to a coal-based system, but i am not going to endorse a-1 sauce which i don't endorse and i don't put it on and i'm not endorsing the stock. one more. we're going to william in texas. william! >> caller: booyah, kramer. >> booyah. >> caller: how are you doing? >> not bad, not bad. >> caller: all right, i'm calling about the bill that passed yesterday afternoon, 6236 about the v-6 which goes natural gas, clean energy. >> well, do you know what's driving clean energy we got this really fantastic report. i mean, they reported a great quarter. i'm surprised.
6:48 pm
this thing is going to make a lot of money. i have to tell you we've been behind clean energy so much that people say, jim, why do you always have him on all the time? and the answer is because the stock is working! and when i have been recommending the stock for some time because i believe in the clean fuel filling station model, and yesterday we saw a great quarter, and that's why the stock is not done going higher. it's still for me. and that concludes the "lightning round"! the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, kramer takes all your questions and gives you the quick-fire responses you so crave. cramerica, we want to hear from you, so send jim an e-mail to, and stay tuned for some rewarding replies on an all-new edition of "mad mail." trading's all about strategy. and strategy... is all about information. so i start my trading day... with td ameritrade's morning perspective.
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6:52 pm
apple is going to break out, it did. i bought some shares and rode it out of the station. thanks for your timely research and advice." you know what, here's how i always respond to things like that. people told me that was a great call, apple, i'll give you three calls that i blew. i'll tell you things did wrong. because you know what, you start talking about the calls you did right, you're just a big joker. i've made wrong calls and i'm glad you recognized a good one. now, rest go to james in north carolina. "jim, in december -- oh, thanks for all you do. in december 2009, goldman sachs put harley davidson, hog, on their conviction sales list with a $23 target. insider holdings on shows gold manuel actually increased their holding in hog during fourth quarter '09 from 400,000 shares to 400500 shares. what gives?" the asset management division is differently run from the
6:53 pm
research, and they can often be in conflict. it is not dictated by the goldman research. that's separate portfolio managers but that is a great question. here's one from rick in california. "big jim, a big boo-yah from the left coast. if commercial real estate isn't as bad as some think, what about cohen and steers realty fund, rqi. as an etf, the risk is pretty even. from its history, the fund might double in price. did i mention there's a 5.6% dividend." i don't know that particular realty fund, but i know cohen and steers, they're some of the best real estate ventures in the world. won't go wrong with them. and here's another one, "mr. cramer, today in morning trading, on semiconductor was down 5% on a story mentioning that they were having trouble meeting demand for their chips. isn't this a high quality problem?" you have horse sense. here's one from arthur in new york --
6:54 pm
♪ join hands -- they're telling me i've got to stop, but not until i get on the love train.
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all right. we've been behind citigroup now far full dollar. you know how i feel about these things. i feel like it's time to take a little off the table, not a lot. i fear that the government is now beginning to announce its big sale and you'll be able to buy it back. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow.
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